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Hospital Lift


Technical requirements and parameters:

1. Product name: medical elevator

2. Rated capacity: > 1600kg.

3. Driving mode: traction type.

4. Operating speed: greater than 1.0m/s.

5. Control mode: full set selection control, VVVF frequency modulation and speed adjustment.

6. Floor gate: two medical elevators (1600kg) : 6 floors 6, 6 doors; Three medical elevators (1600kg) : 5 floors 5, 5 doors; Passenger lift 1:5, 5, 5.

Open door mode: medium.

8. Door size: hospital bed elevator is more than 1200mm (wide) by 2100 mm (high); Passenger lift is greater than 900mm (wide) by 2100 mm (high).

9. Open door mode :(VVVF) system. *10. Net size of the car: the net size of the medical elevator car: more than 1400 mm (width) x 2400 mm (deep); The net size of hospital bed elevator car: not more than 1600 mm (width) x 1400 mm (deep).

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