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Elevator Spares

Image by Artur Solarz

Elevator Parts: switch, button, chicklet, steel rope, oil cup, traction wheel, guide wheel, light curtain, fan, motor, reactor, elevator fire control switch, landing door system parts, car door system parts, door operation, door lock, car guide shoe, car top connect box, pit inspection box, emergency stop switch, counter weight guide shoe, hall call box, display panel, GECB board, GDCB board, RS32 board RS14 board, RS5 board, drive, belt, guide rail, travel cable & hoist way cable, car top power supply, interphone, main machine, brake, transformer, ARD, COP, controller, air conditioner, etc.

Seven segment offers a wide range of high quality elevator parts. We help you build elevator & escalator parts procurement for your lift maintenance and manufacturing business by creating a professional one step service which best suits your needs and target audience. We supply a wide range of spare parts to support for many of the world’s elevator brands.

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