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Annual Maintenance

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Seven segment team ensures that your equipment run safely and efficiently at all times we carry out the preventive maintenance every month which will increase the performance of the equipment and it makes clients satisfied and relax.

We consistently showing care towards elevators by monitoring its regular performances, if any potential steps need to take care which will be keep informed, through out strong technical skills we can able to customise any product to suit client requirement.

Seven segment creates the most trustworthy products with outstanding quality and excellent services. Customers’ needs and are committed to creating value for them by supplying safe, Reliable, and energy-efficient products and services.

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Seven Segment technical services aims to deliver the highest quality of service always to each client as well as offers innovative & expert maintenance services on passenger elevators, escalators, goods lift, platform lifts, wheelchair lift, stair lift, automatic barrier and gates, that focus on quality,

efficiency, and safety regardless of the manufacturer. Whether a new building, a modernization project or routine maintenance, we supply, install and maintaining Vertical Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walkways. Our leadership is surpassed by none. Our employees are dedicated to keeping the high quality of service; they take pride in their work and strive to stay the best. Our experienced, professionally trained technicians follow the preventative maintenance checklist on every elevator

Elevator Maintenance

Periodic maintenance required to all vertical moving system for its smooth functioning. Elevator Maintenance includes elevator parts lubrication, electrical and mechanical parts checking, safety inspection etc. Seven segment elevator have years of experience in the field of elevator and escalator.

We provide the best AMC for your Elevator

Comprehensive elevator maintenance

Comprehensive elevator Annual Maintenance Contract include all 100% genuine spare parts. We care your lift with most responsive and ensure smooth moving.

Non-comprehensive elevator maintenance

Non comprehensive annual maintenance contract includes all lift care service except spare parts. We suggest you spare parts if required to change.

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