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Freight elevator

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Simple and Firm, Easy to Operate, Durable and Reliable

Running safely and stably, Strong Powered, Load Capacity up to 10 tons

Various Door Opening Type, Door Width up to 3 meters

Elaborate design and best configuration to make good use of each inch of space

Please do not hesitate to tell our sales staff about your requirements. With a strong and professional team, we can bring you a wide range of choices to meet all your needs for freight elevators.

1. Machine room type (10 tons capacity), no machine room type (5 tons capacity)

2. Geared traction machine (asynchronous), gearless traction machine (synchronous)

3. ARD (automatic rescue device): the elevator will automatically run to the nearest door area in case of power failure

4. Door holding button.

5. car height up to 3 meters.

6. Optional materials.

Car wall: 304 stainless steel; Painted steel

Car floor: patterned steel plate; PVC

Door threshold: bent steel plate.

Collision barrier: pasted to any place where it may be hit

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