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Escalators and moving walks

Escalators and Passenger Conveyors can be invaluable additions to commercial and other types of properties as they facilitate traffic flows so effectively.  We can supply you with economical, practical, beautiful, and low noise Escalators & Passenger Conveyors, with high-required European and Chinese standards. 

Eco-efficiency, flexible design, and a high focus on safety are the building blocks of our escalators and Passenger Conveyors.  They are more suitable for airports, shopping centers, hotels, trade centers, metros, and busy transport hubs.


Moving walk

It travels as easily as walking on firm earth by concise and pragmatic charm
It is widely applicable for various concentrated passenger flow areas such as big shopping centers,aviation ports, shopping malls, recreation centers, public facilities etc.

About Good Quality Modern Design Automatic Mechanical Escalator for Center

The escalator is a combination of a special structure type chain conveyor and two special structure type belt conveyors, with circular moving stairway, which is used to carry passengers upward or downward between different levels of the building. A continuous conveyance mechanism for carrying people up and down.

It can be widely used in stations, terminals, shopping malls, airports and places where people are concentrated.

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